Focus on the process rather than writing code

You can move your business logic from legacy code to Corezoid processes in order to speed up creation of new products and lower support cost.

Lower time-to-market down to 0

Developing products with the classical programming paradigm using legacy software requires too many resources and is full of risks. Corezoid speeds up iterations, lowers cost and risks due to less specialists required for project implementation and an absolutely different development approach.

Real-time dashboards

Thanks to integrated online-dashboards you will be able to track the condition of your process at any point of its progress in real time and make management decisions to improve efficiency and optimize your business.

A/B testing standards

With Corezoid’s help you can create, test and improve tens of versions of your processes within a few hours without developers.

Prototyping tool

Due to low entry threshold, Corezoid allows for rapid prototyping of your products, launching them to the market and receiving a quick feedback.

Corezoid Marketplace

Do you want to create products even faster? With Corezoid Marketplace you can find templates of all the required processes, copy them to your environment and start using it with no need to develop anything on your own.
How Corezoid helps our clients
quotesBased on Corezoid, METRO developed a mobile application and a chat-bot in the Viber messenger. The bot provides the issuance of METRO membership cards just in 1 click, instead of filling in questionnaires and getting plastic cards. Also, thanks to Corezoid, METRO can communicate with customers using personalized trigger-based notifications.quotes
Marina Voloshina,
Head of CRM
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quotesOne of our main tasks was to increase the speed of development and launch of new products. At the same time, we had to integrate with the old legacy core, responsible for regulatory requirements, compliance issues that worked as our main general ledger. We use Corezoid technology as our main system to conduct almost the whole development process. Our main products, processes, and the server part of the mobile application are built on the Corezoid platform.quotes
Lasha Gurgenidze,
Product Owner at Space Neobank
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quotesCorezoid attracted my attention with its fundamental approach to developing the technology. I realized that Corezoid wasn’t just another BPM tool. In fact, Corezoid was based on fundamental principles of mathematics: finite automata theory and “state machine” concepts.quotes
Ben Goldin,
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