• Smart Company

    Corezoid helps to describe a company or business as a set of states and processes
    Company := corezoid ({states}, {process})

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  • Digital Core

    Processes moved to the cloud

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  • Process Engine

    Corezoid is a cloud process engine for creating and supporting digital cores

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  • Smart node

    A basic element of Corezoid. All states description and process assembling are based on smart nodes

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  • Event processing

    Event processing is a method of tracking and analyzing (processing) streams of information (data) about things that happen (events), and deriving a conclusion from them. The goal of complex event processing is to identify meaningful events (such as opportunities or threats) and respond to them as quickly as possible.

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  • Genetic programming

    In artificial intelligence, genetic programming (GP) is a technique whereby computer programs are encoded as a set of genes that are then modified (evolved) using an evolutionary algorithm (often a genetic algorithm). The result is a computer program able to perform well in a predefined task.

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  • Adaptive Petri net

    A Petri net (also known as a place/transition net or P/T net) is one of several mathematical modeling languages for the description of distributed systems. A Petri net is a directed bipartite graph, in which the nodes represent transitions (i.e. events that may occur, signified by bars) and places (i.e. conditions, signified by circles). The directed arcs describe which places are pre- and/or postconditions for which transitions (signified by arrows).

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  • Finite-state machine

    A finite-state machine (FSM) or finite-state automaton (FSA, plural: automata), or simply a state machine, is a mathematical model of computation used to design both computer programs and sequential logic circuits. It is conceived as an abstract machine that can be in one of a finite number of states. The machine is in only one state at a time; the state it is in at any given time is called the current state.

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  • Process layer

    Let’s stop hardcoding duplicates and start creating innovations

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  • One back-end, multiple front-ends

    Explore how one of the largest banks in Eastern Europe uses Corezoid to deliver omnichannel experience to 25 mln. clients

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  • Cloud operating system for messenger bots: text and form-based

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It’s a turnkey, plug-and-play solution for a digital core that fits any size of company in any industry. Corezoid is a breakthrough, transformative technology. Real-time, holistic business process management is a departure from the traditional siloed model in which many leading vendors excel. Corezoid has been created from scratch with real-time responsiveness, transparency and agility in mind, giving it the edge over more traditional systems.


Explore Corezoid functionality that will accelerate your business growth and cut maintenance costs

Process Editor

All the development processes in Corezoid are run via a visual process editor. Users build processes simply by combining logical blocks using ‘drag & drop’.

The process editor represents 15 logical blocks, whose functionality is powerful enough to build both simple notification systems for customers of small online stores or huge EPR-systems for international corporations.

In case the existing functionality is not enough for you, you can make use of the ‘Code’ block working with two programming languages: Erlang and JavaScript.

Corezoid process editor allows you to significantly reduce barriers to entry and maintenance costs: now even staff without programming skills can support complex processes while developers focus on unleashing innovation.


Tired of deploying test environments for testing processes and delving into millions of code lines searching for a fault in the system?

To address these problems, Corezoid has a built-in debug mode. In this mode, you can simulate process launching, monitor application processing progress in each node and immediately see the results: state change and HTTP-requests execution speed, request content, etc. This contributes to both saving lots of man-hours on testing and ultimately optimizes process speed.

Also, due to the fault-tolerance Erlang architecture Corezoid is built based on, not a single error or exception will go unnoticed. This enables you to promptly identify and correct system weaknesses, and build system architecture that ‘never ever fails’.

Online Dashboards

You no longer need to do manual sampling, use numerous intelligence systems or hire specialists for analyzing databases.

For this purpose, Corezoid has automatic online dashboards that will help you monitor your business in real-time.

Dashboards provide information via different types of charts (table, pie chart, sales pipeline, histogram), which are automatically generated according to the rules you set.

Apart from viewing various aspects of a business status, you can also set up automatic notification of deviations (increase or a sharp decrease) in some indices. Notifications can be sent via any communications channel that works with the API: SMS, e-mail, push, etc.

Process organizer

All processes in Corezoid are well organized. They can be grouped into folders, arranged for sorting and found by a quick search.

For controlling processes on a network, there are access and privilege distribution features. In just a few clicks, you can grant your colleagues access to a process. The privilege distribution system helps set up the correct access levels.

In addition to basic information, metadata on processes are available, including: process diagram and status, modification history, number of nodes, state changes run and active process tasks, a list of users with access to the process, as well as groups of users and processes.


Learn about the benefits for each team member


Automata-based programming provides solutions for difficult tasks through the use of automated control objeсts. The advantages of automata-based programming include:

  • Easier design and better results working with event-oriented applications
  • Simple and clear system architecture reduces difficult tasks
  • More effective solutions for systems with difficult behavior patterns
  • Clear descriptions of behaviors

Rooted in these principals, Corezoid allows developers to spend more time doing what they like to do best – creating great code.

Corezoid frees developers by taking care of all the routine tasks:

  • The code visualization and business-logic
  • Collection of statistical data
  • Taking off the support function due to giving access to the code to business analysts

Business logic is the most dynamic area in your code, and the most difficult to debug. It is always easier to track down a bug in a block that only executes a single function. Corezoid helps developers move their business logic to the cloud, so that duties around changing those processes can be delegated to business logic analysts.

Corezoid gives these analysts the tools to change business processes independently, gathering statistical data and conducting support functions without distracting developers.

In return, developers receive more precise API specifications, as analysts use Corezoid to test out processes in advance.

Corezoid is more freedom for writing your favorite code!


Do you need to compare data in different software packages, and make changes based on the results?
Do you want to automate routine processes, but your developers are too loaded down with work to begin such a project?

Automate your processes on your own with the help of Corezoid.

With Corezoid you can manage processes simply by describing rules and cases. Create unique products using any available API.

Change process settings on your own, without needing a developer.

Get online statistics automatically for each stage of your process, anytime. Combine this data and compare statistics from different stages on your dashboard.

You no longer need to process data from scattered systems, because all your data is already structured together, with your statistics readily available. In this way, structuring your data through Corezoid gives you the power of “Big Process”.

Get started

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