Manage leads, customers, employees, partners, suppliers...

Transfer people management technology to Corezoid: create sales funnels, manage customer life cycles, suppliers and inventory; track fulfillment and non-fulfillment of KPIs and employee tasks.

Automate customer lifecycles

Corezoid will help to segment the customer lifecycle into all possible states from onboarding to sales and support, as well as adjust the response to changes or absence of changes in a user's state. Create and run processes that will automatically guide your customers through the lifecycle. All you have to do is to control the metrics and optimize the processes to achieve outstanding results.

Control KPIs using online dashboards

Control your business with Corezoid's built-in online dashboards, which allow you to monitor key metrics and make management decisions in real time.

Create new and modify existing dashboards with just a few clicks without developers.

Keep abreast of your business with escalations

An employee did not complete a task on time? Is a contractor overdue? A partner did not process an application? Corezoid helps you to set up different levels of escalation and receive notifications about important events in your business for making management decisions faster.

Manage contractors, suppliers, partners in a single interface

Corezoid allows you to combine and unify the communication protocols of different contractors, suppliers and partners to manage all processes in a single interface.
How Corezoid helps our clients
Based on Corezoid, METRO developed a mobile application and a chat-bot in the Viber messenger. The bot provides the issuance of METRO membership cards just in 1 click, instead of filling in questionnaires and getting plastic cards. Also, thanks to Corezoid, METRO can communicate with customers using personalized trigger-based notifications.
Marina Voloshina,
Head of CRM at METRO
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In terms of technology, I confess, we tried to look for alternatives to Corezoid but realized that there are no alternatives to it at the moment. We build processes in Corezoid whenever we feel that we need dynamics, whenever there is a desire to change something almost every day, to experiment on the fly, to run several different options of a business process with a final assessment of efficiency.
Alexander Nikolenko,
Deputy Chairman of the Board
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Corezoid attracted my attention with its fundamental approach to developing the technology. I realized that Corezoid wasn’t just another BPM tool. In fact, Corezoid was based on fundamental principles of mathematics: finite automata theory and “state machine” concepts.
Ben Goldin,
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One of our main tasks was to increase the speed of development and launch of new products. At the same time, we had to integrate with the old legacy core, responsible for regulatory requirements, compliance issues that worked as our main general ledger. We use Corezoid technology as our main system to conduct almost the whole development process. Our main products, processes, and the server part of the mobile application are built on the Corezoid platform.
Lasha Gurgenidze,
Product Owner at Space Neobank
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The success is dependent of a number of factors, including the speed of launching a new product, versatility of tools for solving various tasks, and flexibility of setting up processes. The emergence of such high-tech products as Corezoid catalyzes further execution of transformation processes in companies. Changes in the organization occur much faster when there is a digital core, a process system, controlled by the business itself.
Igor Pototsky,
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Corezoid became a huge catalyst and facilitator of digital transformation at FUIB. Corezoid allowed us to significantly widen the bottleneck of our IT resources. When there's a "digital core" in the form of a process engine, which is independently managed by the business itself, the organizational changes occur an order of magnitude faster. The business begins to freely organize its processes, thinking in MVP categories, building and improving prototypes.
Andrey Begunov,
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