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Do you want to learn Corezoid but don’t know how to begin? We suggest various training options for different client types and specialist grades: starting with free education materials up to individual corporate training. Choose an option you like and a training schedule and get going to success together with Corezoid!
Step-by-step guide to start using Corezoid
Have you just started to use Corezoid? We made a step-by-step guide to help you quickly create your first process and to show that learning Corezoid is easy.
Get Started
Free training online-materials and projects
Learn and improve your skills with free materials and projects for both starters and experienced Corezoid users.
View tutorials
Includes all entities, functions and API manual
Main user guide that contains description of everything that is necessary to start and advance using Corezoid.
Read documentation
Individual Corezoid trainings for groups and corporate clients
This is the fastest method to dive into Corezoid. We create individual education programs based on your needs, as a result you receive not only a well educated team, but also a prototype of a real business process.
Order a workshop
Prove your Corezoid skills and begin a new stage of your career
The demand for certified Corezoid specialists grows every day. Prove your qualification and we will help you get a job at our partners and clients.
Pass certification
Recommendation: 96% of corporate clients start learning Corezoid with an individual workshop.

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